Dropthought is a next generation data analytics company that brings insights from unstructured data




  • Dropthought specializes in analyzing open comments using its proprietary text analytics engine.
  • The company uses the latest natural language processing and machine learning techniques to discover relevant insights from unstructured data
  • Specialized in interpreting voice of the customer and voice of the employee
  • Can plug into existing social media outlets



  • Best in class service provider of unstructured data
  • One of the best startup team we have seen with Stanford core and global experts in marketing and data science
  • Large enterprise clients (Adobe, Cisco, Juniper) and retail opportunity with huge target addressable market


  • EIP Advisory Board Position
  • Prof Baba Shiv - Prof. of Marketing at GSB, Stanford
  • Robert Siegel – GP of Xseed Ventures + Stanford professor
  • Karan Chaudhry – CEO with past work at Pepsi and Sequoia
  • Mike Cassidy – CEO & co-founder of Stylus Innovation


  • Excellent progress with Cisco as part of its “land and expand” strategy that will be implemented with other key clients – Adobe, Juniper etc.
  • Company will be pivoting, focusing on sales and marketing
  • Reducing burn – product is excellent, traction boost needed
  • Looking at bringing on a new CEO with a specific mandate to improve sales and marketing organization
  • Significant exposure from Stanford StartX program – frequently featured panelists at startup industry events

The market for VoC/VoE and market research is over $20B and existing providers do not have the capability to meet customer needs for unstructured text analytics

Dropthought’s platform enables multi-vertical deployment using SaaS. Traction from several well known corporations.