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Greg Brown

Chief Financial Officer

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Greg brings a wealth of experience as the CFO of multiple venture capital backed private and early stage public companies, as well as ten years as a venture capital and angel investor. His investing experience has been as a SVP at Pappajohn Capital Resources, Partner and COO with Residex Ventures and Administrator of Charlotte Angel Fund.

Greg’s career has been devoted to serving entrepreneurs and the companies that they create as a trusted business partner.  Having been the CFO or board member of numerous early stage companies, he is very familiar with the financial and other business issues that start-up and other early stage companies face as they develop.

He has particularly deep understanding of investment transactions of all types, having participated in over $150 million of private and public financings.  With experience both an investor and a part of the management team seeking investments, he understands both perspectives and is able to bring that understanding to the table for the benefit of his clients.