MoviePass brings the subscription model to content based consumption of entertainment in theaters



  • Movie subscription service that allows members to see unlimited movies in their local theaters for one monthly fee. 
  • Members signup for the subscription service and download the MoviePass app.
  • Receive a personalized debit card in mail.  
  • Customers select a movie, check-in at the theater and purchase the ticket


  • Disrupting the entertainment consumption business with demonstrated value for exhibitors and studios
  • Total view of the customer for studios to learn and better target
  • Proven business model, over $7m ARR
  • Huge addressable market in subscription, eCommerce, data licensing and advertising


  • EIP Advisory Board Position
  • Chris Kelly – former chief legal counsel Facebook, Sacramento Kings owner
  • Marc Randolph + Mitch Lowe - Founding team of Netflix
  • Jim Ramo - DirecTV founding team, New Media Ventures
  • Thomas Tull – Legendary Pictures
  • Stacey Spikes – CEO and Co-founder
  • Hamet Watt – Chairman and Co-founder
  • Shane O’Neil – Fandango
  • Jim Ramo – DirecTV
  • Hugh Panero – XM Satellite Radio
  • Venture Investors – True Ventures, AOL Ventures, Structure Capital, NALA Investments



  • New plans for couples and families
  • Private Pass – partnering with different studios for passes to premiers
  • Film Festival Access
  • Industry Events, Parties and Award Shows

MoviePass improves the theater and movie consumption experience by addressing:

Price concerns of tickets being too high and thereby reducing attendance
Risk – consumers fear of seeing a bad movie and limiting movie choices they watch
Limited selection – value tickets often have limited selection


Movie lovers pay a flat monthly fee to attend movies in theaters


Save Money

Consumers see more movies for less


Exhibitors increase attendance 60%

See more

Studios increase revenue opp


MoviePass has a large target addressable market with a multitude of revenue streams

  • $29.99 per month subscription fee in most markets, subject to 1yr subscription agreement.
  • $34.99 per month subscription fee in major markets.
  • Offer purchase and preordering of BluRays and DVDs though Ingram.
  • Average margin of ~15% via markup over wholesale cost.
  • Future opportunities include digital film offerings, expanded product set and new vendor partnerships.
  • License access to highly valuable proprietary data on usage, trends, demographics.
  • Target licenses include film studios, theaters, and market research films.
  • Significant inbound interest to date.
  • Currently testing in-app display ads with studio partners.
  • Allows advertisers and captive audience.
  • Future opportunities include dining partnerships with restaurants and brands paying for product placements in films.