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Rishi Bhatnagar

Venture Partner


Rishi Bhatnagar is a Venture Partner at Elevate Innovation Partners, and CEO of Syntelli Solutions Inc., a premium provider of advanced analytics services. He is a powerhouse of all things data, emanating new ideas for making data work!

After working in risk and corporate banking, Rishi found his true calling in consulting and has been solving challenging business problems since the last 20 years. These roles have given him a unique perspective on approaching customers’ use-cases, and the wisdom to bring the right teams to architect and build viable and sustainable solutions. His passion for modeling and data became the driver, growing Syntelli Solutions to be a pioneering analytics and big-data solution provider.

Rishi is also the Founding Chair of the Analytics & Big Data Society (ABDS), which contributes to the community by Using Data for Social Good. The ABD Society forms a community where corporates, practitioners, and educational institutions come together to share ideas, experiences, and use-cases. Rishi serves on many different advisory boards, enjoys playing chess with his son, and hiking with family and friends.