FreedomPay Brings DecisionPoint Network to the Amusement Park Landscape

If you’re like me, you know how annoying it is to have a cashier try to upsell you at the last second in a point of sale. Even if the item would be beneficial to you, the timing might still be off. Sometimes, it just isn’t convenient to inject purchase options when you’ve already made up your mind. FreedomPay looks to help alleviate that feeling while still better utilizing the advertising time and channel provided with DecisionPoint.

In short, the DecisionPoint Network is a platform that allows advertisers to buy advertising space from FreedomPay. This would allow paying advertisers to reach millions of consumers on a regular basis in multiple areas. Coupled with the FreedomPay offerings consumers are accustomed to, such as wireless payment conducted with speed and security, a complete payment experience can be had from point of sale through to relevant and targeted marketing practices.

“FreedomPay’s DecisionPoint Network™ is an omni-channel platform delivering advertising messaging in real time, thereby having a purchasing influence on a consumers’ next step,” stated Chris Kronenthal, President and Chief Technology Officer of FreedomPay. “Our network enhances the customer experience at the point of sale, while also providing a new revenue generating stream for Cedar Fair through targeted brand advertising; a true win-win for DecisionPoint Network™ partners.”

Matt Shafer, Cedar Fair’s Corporate Vice President of Strategic Alliances, said, “We are always looking to deploy cutting-edge strategies to advance and deepen our customer relationships, and this new agreement with FreedomPay’s DecisionPoint Network™ will allow Cedar Fair to attract leading brand advertisers to directly reach our guests with relevant content in a timely fashion.”

There are multiple avenues that utilize the FreedomPay platform. With their new initiative in the DecisionPoint Network, more people will be able to receive purchase suggestions in line with what they want.

BRVMikka CruzComment